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This tool has been created to help allied national OHV advocacy organizations track issues and opportunities identified as key to the US Forest Service Route Designation Rule process.   Please click the red button below to notify us of issues and actionable opportunities.

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Forest Service OHV Designation Rule

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) released its final rule for motorized vehicle use on National Forest System lands on November 2, 2005. The OHV designation rule requires individual forests and grasslands to work with their local and state governments and the public to designate routes and areas for OHV use. After a forest has completed its route designation process, OHV use will be permitted only on the designated system.

As each forest will be responsible for complying with the final rule separately, it is imperative that the off highway community monitor and participate in proposed actions and meetings at the forest level. It is also important to note that each forest will have and/or develop individual processes for contacting interested stakeholders. Since there is no requirement that each forest submit proposed actions and rules to any single clearinghouse, someone will have to be involved with each forest at the local level.

For this reason, this website has been created as a means to submit information regarding the route designation rule as individual forests make it available. This website will allow you to submit meeting and process notifications which will, in turn, allow us to notify and engage key stakeholders in and around the affected forest. This process is designed to maximize awareness of local issues and to target appropriate responses, ensuring that the local forest is not negatively impacted by the route designation rule.

Please utilize this website as you become aware of any information pertaining to the implementation of the route designation rule.

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